At InVision, we offer an unique service combining local “IN”sight and global “VISION” in business advisory and wealth management. Our founder has developed a global perspective after spending over 20 years living/working in both US and Asia. We are specialists in delivering customized cross-border financial planning and investment solutions.


At InVision, you get financial advice directly from a trusted friend and experienced investor, not from an assigned relationship manager or account executive.

  • Single point of contact
  • Fast response from an experienced investor / adviser on any finance related questions


We are committed to the fiduciary standard, independence and objectivity in our implementation of client portfolios.

  • We do not sell load mutual funds, marked-up bond or insurance products.
  • We receive no commissions from trading or other forms of payment from third parties.  
  • Our fees are based on the value of client assets under our management or the financial advisory services provided.

This structure aligns our interests with our clients’. We help you grow your assets and avoid conflicts (like frequent trading or excess risk-taking) inherent in hedge fund investment or traditional brokerage relationships.


Our firm is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where our founder has resided for the past 20 years. Our founder has two degrees in electrical engineering and has worked as a hardware engineer in the Silicon Valley. We understand the innovation economy and seek to share with our clients our insights (from AI, fintech, to medical device) and potential rewards by investing in these high-growth industries.


While we build global stock portfolios, we have a preference for the US market. In our view, the US equity market should be a core holding in any long-term investment portfolio. By market capitalization, US stocks account for 50% of all global equity markets (US$30tr). US companies have the following favorable characteristics:

  • US corporation’s proven track record in tapping global demand growth (e.g. Apple, Facebook, Nike, Starbucks, McDonald’s, P&G)
  • America’s ability to attract top talent from around the world (from Elon Musk@Tesla to Sergey Brin@Google) thanks to its open immigrant policy, multi-ethnic society and anti-discrimination laws.
  • US corporation’s strong corporate governance and meritocracy culture, focus on minority shareholder rights and professional management style
  • US market’s well-established securities regulation, IP/legal framework and political/FX stability
  • US Federal Reserve’s independence and time-tested monetary policy and rate-setting mechanism
  • English as the official language allowing its companies to operate efficiently worldwide